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When a white ant nest can be found, this is definitely the very best method to deal with the immediate termite or white ant problem. A chemical treatment prior to destroying the white ant nest ought to be done; otherwise a group of individuals may endure to begin another colony. Some species of termites produce a number of nests At Trusted Pest Management we will identify the species involved and the likelihood of having to track down other white ant nests. .

White Ant nests can also be destroyed indirectly by termite treatments like baiting, dusting and chemical applications that transfer the toxins during the entire termite colony.

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Chemcially-based termite treatment is one of the most common ways of protecting properties like yours.  These termite treatments are especially popular because they supply ongoing protection. In chemical termite treatment, we employ an approved termiticide into the  soil around the construction, so there is no region of the structure that the termites can access without tunnelling via the treated soil.  If termites come in contact with the treated soil they are either repelled or murdered before they can do any harm.

The termiticide will not work in case it isnt installed correctly.  It needs to be placed in the right type of soil, and around all areas of the building in contact with any soil.  In case that cannot be achieved your home cant be completely protected nonetheless, we can compensate for this in different areas of your termite treatment plan. .

Termite treatment compounds do not last forever.  They are broken down by soil components and exposure to sunlight.  They need to be replenished annually and every few years a complete re-treatment needs to occur.

Chemical termite treatment is a favorite, but not always the perfect solution, particularly when there are existing concreted or paved pathways .

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Homeowners may need to make pre-arrangements in front of a chemical termite treatment, such as moving hot water systems to allow access to dirt.

Occasionally, to obtain full protection for your house, you may need to change something or move something away from the construction to prevent termites avoiding the chemical soil treatment.

Annual inspections are needed to ensure the that the soil termite treatment is working effectively.

An option that's commonly used during pre-construction (or even adding a building extension) is the installation of a physical termite barrier system such as Kordon, HomeGuard or TermSeal to lessen future individualized treatment requirements. The system components vary depending on your needs, but are designed to work for the structural life of this building (currently 50 years). .

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The purpose of using physical termite barriers is the same as soil treatments to prevent termites from getting into the construction. Physical barrier systems can also serve different purposes in your home, like protecting retaining walls and other structures.

In termite monitoring, stations are put in the ground at strategic locations where termites are more likely to find them Continue during their foraging activities.Once the stations are placed in the soil, they need to be monitored.  Depending on the situation, you may be able to monitor the stations yourself until termite activity is discovered.Once termites are found at a station, it's time to choose what to do next.  Many of these termite monitoring systems possess a built-in baiting option, to create a termite detection and termite treatment system in one. .

The Baiting procedure involves placing a substitute food origin in the station under attack.  The food source is designed to be tastier than the original attractant in the station.  The lure contains a toxicant that will not only affect the termites that the consume the bait, but have a flow on impact to your entire termite colony. .

An Unbiased View of Adelaide Termite & Pest Control

As a lone termite treatment method, baiting stations Are Extremely powerful but not a guarantee that termites will not enter your home, therefore

You must always incorporate regular termite inspections into your termite management plan.  Learn more about termite inspections

Did you know that 1 in 3 possessions are attacked at some stage by termites Termites cause an estimated $1 billion dollars in damage annually.

During our experience, we have found that termite infestation to a dwelling has generally happened as a result of the simply fact that no effective termite protection exists to some dwelling.

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Trusted Pest Management works in Brisbane and surrounding areas and we provide our unique 100% Termite Protection Guarantee* keeping your home your most important investment safe.

Like most industries, there are a lot of options available when it comes to Termite Control. Costs by different companies can differ from economical to damn expensive. Every home is different so a one price fits all for termite control is not possible. Fortunately however, premium products do exist to ensure that no matter which type of home you have, big or small, you can be feel protected from termites.

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